Christmas One Liners

What is a Christmas called where you can eat lots of sweets?
With the incoming of snow and candies, it becomes mandatory for people to show their wit and make people laugh with their sense of humor. The season which fascinates a kid with Santa and his reindeers, that never let a child rest. The excitement starts with the coming in of holidays and hurries with the hope for a fine souvenir which makes the kid excited for the most awaited result of being ‘nice’ or ‘naughty’ the whole year. The magical parcel of gifts is huge in size, therefore prefers to travel through the chimney, keep the gifts beside pillows of all the good children and fly back before the morning lights win the battle against snow-covered trees. He has a fear of being caught, so flying away on reindeers is the best escape option!

The loving parents, on the other hand, struggle to keep the faith and fear of their children alive and use this faith as a shield to keep their children good even in the upcoming years of their lives.
Well! here is the season with more wit and glamour this time. So, take out your high boots, tighten your caps, wrap round your scarfs a bit firmly, for we are about to take you on a ski trip which is merry and carol full!


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